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Hi! It is nice to MEAT you! Yes, Chico’s Burgers is very glad to meet you and as an offering, we are serving the best gourmet burger you have ever tasted. Chico’s Burgers is now known for delivering the best out of foods, especially of gourmet burgers.
Our restaurant has been established since 2015 Though our start is as hard as nails, we are motivated to serve you. Every day, we have been telling our unique story as we serve our menu to our valued customers. We make every dining experience unforgettable by pouring pure intentions.



Welcome to chicos burgers

chicos burgers is a team work of chicos Restaurant Cafe, we aim at promoting the foodstuff industry through the branches , we establish and through the new dishes. and integrate between different cultures, by merging different Oriental and its western recipes




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Chicos Burger

Chicos Burger

Taste the Chico’s Burgers Gourmet Burger Experience

If you have heard of the sweet, sour, salty, and bitter food experience… Now, say hello to Chico’s Burgers! Here, you can have the combination of bold, flavorful, and savoury fifth taste. Here at Chico’s Burgers we are after amplifying your appetite and taste buds by simply putting delightful ingredients and flavours into our menu.

Like you, more and more people are discovering our heavenly servings here at Chico’s Burgers, especially our gourmet burgers. We believe that it is not only by chance that we are now starting to build a name in the burger industry.

Since our customers are our first priority, we have made our menu more delectable. If you are in search of a fun casual dining and burger experience, we are the new happy spot that will surely be your favorite. We also offer event catering for your special events and occasions.

The Best Mouth-Watering Gourmet Burger in Cricklewood (London)

Enter the perfect place where you can eat the best mouth-watering gourmet burger in Cricklewood (London). Chico’s Burgers is the home of the gourmet burger that will wake your senses up and feed your appetite with an unforgettable taste.

Our gourmet burgers are freshly delivered and cooked to ensure orders every day. Explore our menu and see that we got a lot of exciting foods in store for you. From your first bite down to your last, rest assured that our servings will satisfy your cravings the way you want them to be.

Fresh Gourmet and Burger Ready to be Served!

We at Chico’s Burgers have witnessed how restaurants have evolved over the years. That is why we have decided to open delightful offering to the gourmet and burger lovers here in Cricklewood (London) and nearby areas. Whether you simply want to unwind and treat yourself with good food or want to hang out with friends and family with great food on the table, we got your back.

Just sit, order, relax, and be satisfied with what we have to offer here at Chico’s Burgers. We make sure that every visit is a worthy experience for you. You can come back at anytime you want and choose from our menu that is specially made for you.

Our gourmet, burger, and a lot more surprise from our menu. Our events and catering services are also very much open for your bookings. Whenever and wherever you may want it, we will be doing our best to serve you right. We have a variety of handcrafted burgers that are made of the freshest ingredients and 100% halal meat.



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We bet you are craving for something delicious right now. Well, here at Chico’s Burgers, you have enough time to explore our dazzling menu. With our awesome menu, there is no limit for you in experiencing our specialty. There is no other time but today. Grab this chance to explore our menu today!




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Chicos Burgers

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chico’s Burgers is a team work of Chico’s Restaurant & Cafe, we aim at promoting the foodstuff industry through the branches.