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Have you ever tasted so many burgers? Have you dreamt of eating a unique and tasty burger? At our restaurant, we provide gourmet burgers that are the right choices for you. They have a soothing flavor, which can give you a new experience. This is one of the reasons why we have been the leading gourmet burger restaurant in Cricklewood (London)


Aside from having a strong reputation in gourmet burgers, we offer grilled chicken wings. We use a special marinade that boosts their taste and flavor. Unlike other restaurants in , we have a trusted supplier of healthy and quality chicken. This is why you will enjoy every bite you take. You will taste a great flavor until your last bite.

Providing healthy and flavorful food is a priority for us. Like in our grilled chicken wings, we do not use any preservative. As a matter of fact, we have fresh and organic ingredients. Our grilled chicken wings are best for health-conscious out there. They will never ruin your diet for sure. They are specially tailored to cater your needs and criteria instead.

Serving our valuable clients for years, our chefs have an attention to detail. From the first phase of the last step, we make sure that everything has given a careful consideration, enough time, holistic care, and a genuine love. We follow a step-by-step process in preparing grilled chicken wings as well.


Typically, burgers have beef patties. When you want to try something new, why not consider our grilled chicken burgers. They are a nice break from common burgers in the market. They are healthier, more flavorful, and fairly simpler that make a quite delicious choice. You can pair it with other meals available in our gourmet burger restaurant. They are also available at a reasonable price for more savings.

Furthermore, we use halal meat in our gourmet burgers, grilled chicken wings, and grilled chicken burger. This is why we are the number one restaurant among our Muslim customers.